Friendly Center

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Board of Directors

Board Officers
  • Christine Tang, Board President - Modern Wealth Advisors, Inc.
  • Carrie Hummel, Board Vice President - Law Offices of Philip L. Hummel, IV
  • Mark Richards, Board Vice President - AWI Logistics
  • Gisela Meier, Board Secretary - Community Volunteer
  • Dennis Corbett, Board Treasurer - Pacific Life Insurance Company


Board Members
  • Tiffany Agalaba - PIMCO
  • Vito A. Canuso, III - Intellectual Property Lawyer
  • David O. Chen - Jarrow Industries, Inc.
  • Karla Kjellin-Elder - Community Volunteer
  • George Longyear - Retired, Pacific Life Insurance Company
  • Warren Reynolds - Retired Engineer

Our Administrative Staff

Cathy Seelig

Executive Director


Arian Ghiacy

Director of Marketing and Communications

Karen Tyson

Director of Finance and Employee Relations

Cynthia Drury

Director of Special Programs