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Corporate Opportunities

We make it easy for companies to provide their employees meaningful opportunities to give back to the community.

If interested in any corporate opportunity, contact us at (714) 769-8869 or

We value our corporate partners who support what we do.

Businesses and community groups across Southern California are participating in a variety of fundraisers to support Friendly Center programs that help families break the cycle of poverty.  These efforts encourage team spirit, create a positive image for your business and make a real difference in our community.


Workplace Drives that are Easy to do and make a big difference:

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Workplace Fundraising

Workplace fundraising boosts company morale as it gives your employees an opportunity to work towards a common goal, and in turn strengthens employee loyalty. You can tailor these ideas to meet your company's schedules and policies.

Penny Wars

Intra office competition where teams place dollars into the opposing team's penny collection to sabotage them. The team with more pennies than dollars wins (i.e. pizza party). All funds collected go toward Friendly Center.

Parking with a Purpose

Reserve a premium parking space for a week or month. Auction it off to the highest bidder or hold a raffle in which employees purchase tickets. Proceeds then go toward Friendly Center.

Jeans Day

Incorporate a special Jeans Day. For the privilege of wearing jeans (or dressing down), employees donate a suggested amount towards your fundraising efforts.

Vacation Day Raffle

Sell raffle tickets (suggested amount $20 per ticket) for an extra paid vacation day for the lucky winner raffle winner. All proceeds go toward your fundraising efforts.

A United Way agency

A trusted partner That Makes giving easy

If your company participates in United Way, your employees can easily give directly to Friendly Center when they participate through the payroll deduction program.

Challenge grants and corporate matching programs can offer additional chances to maximize the impact your employees can make.


Event sponsorships

Our community events truly make an impact on the communities we serve and our fundraising events are always memorable. When your company becomes a sponsor for one of our many events, it lets the public know that you are a supporter of the community, giving you positive exposure while supporting a great cause.

Become a corporate sponsor.

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