Education Programs

  • Students Enrolled per Year: 150
  • Student to Tutor Ratio: 3:1

Friendly Center’s Education Program is designed to give clients of all ages the opportunity to succeed. English as a Second Language (ESL) and Civics classes are available to clients free of charge through a partnership with Santiago Canyon College. Parenting Classes are offered throughout the year with classes based on the ages of client’s children. Job Development classes teach important skills for successful job interviews and building resumes. However, the bedrock of Friendly Center’s Education Program is The Power of Me, an after-school program for student’s grades K-8. The Power of Me occurs year-round at three Friendly Center sites; providing students homework assistance and exposure to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) curriculum and careers. The purpose of the tutoring program’s founding in 1998 was to address the dropout rates and gang involvement that often plague children from low-income families living in poverty. Though this founding purpose is still a strong element of why our tutoring program exists today, this purpose has been modernized to include preparing these children for success in college and the job market of the future. Not only do students in the program engage in daily STEAM activities – they’re also learning which universities and career paths specialize in the field of STEAM they find most interesting. Friendly Center’s Education Program proudly invites each student – no matter their age – to see themselves as responsible, powerful, and capable.