Loyal Friend

Loyal Friend

Monthly giving program
loyal friends

Become a Loyal Friend Through Monthly Giving

Give a monthly financial gift to sustain families and make a tangible difference in their lives. You can help ensure families remain safe and secure while they move towards stability. Start today at either $10, $20, $50, $100 or more a month.

$10, $20, $50, $100, or more

Your Donation at Work

Your Donation at Work

Every $20 gift provides food to a family for one month.

Loyal friends sustaining others
Friendly Center offers over 15 wraparound programs that offer struggling families support through crisis and meet their immediate needs. Friendly Center’s approach, helps these families transition and move towards self-sufficiency.

$20 feeds a family for one month

Make a commitment to strengthen families each month.



The Loyal Friend program is a monthly giving program. When you sign-up you have the option to give a monthly donation of $10, $20, $50, $100 or more. Your credit card will automatically be charged on a monthly basis.

  • Loyal Friends receive recognition on Friendly Center’s website and through our social media platforms.
  • A special gift will be mailed to their home.
  • All Loyal Friend names will be listed in Friendly Center’s Fall newsletter.
  • Loyal Friends at the $100-per-month level or more, will receive invitations to exclusive bi-annual donor gatherings.

Each Loyal Friends giving level is attached to a different gift to show appreciation for your commitment.

  • All giving levels of $10 or more a month receive a Loyal Friend decal sticker.
  • Giving levels of $20 or more will receive a Loyal Friend keychain.
  • Giving levels of $50 or more will receive a Loyal Friend grocery tote.
  • Giving levels at $100 or more a month will receive invitations to exclusive bi-annual donor gatherings at no charge, for as long as they continue at the $100 or more Loyal Friend level.

Yes! 100% of all the contributions are tax-deductible. Friendly Center is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit agency.

Years of experience have taught us that helping families become self-sufficient is the best way to secure the family and their children’s’ futures. Your contributions ensure a lasting presence in communities as long as we are needed. They also help us to secure large grants from institutional donors to multiply your contribution and reach many more children, families, and communities. Rather than financial support being given directly to a family, your contributions are combined with those of other caring sponsors and institutional donors to provide a steady stream of programs that provide all the elements the family needs for long-term solutions.

Become a Loyal Friend