Donate Food and Items

Donate Food and Items

Give Something Tangible
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Basic Necessities for Life

Donating food is a great way to make an impact on families any time of year.
Donation drop-offs are scheduled in advance by appointment.

Non-perishable food and hygiene items are accepted. See below for more details.

Questions? Please email

Schedule Your Drop-off

Unfortunately, we have no more available drop-off times for 2020. The next available date is Tuesday, January 5, 2021.

Food and Hygiene Drop-off Scheduling

All drop-offs must have an appointment.
  • Select from two drop-off locations: Orange or Buena Park
  • Food items should be non-perishable.
  • Hygiene items should only include shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, or dish soap at this time. (please no travel sizes)

Please see below for our seasonal collection event drop-offs.

Item Needs

Item Needs

Basic needs are essential to maintain a healthy, thriving family. This is why we collect food and hygiene items all year-round, with the largest need always being food. You can organize your own collection drive or donate on your own.

Most Needed

Food Items
  • Rice & Dry Beans
  • Pasta & Sauces
  • Canned Fruits & Vegetables
  • Shelf-stable Milk
  • Cereal & Oatmeal
  • Stuffing & Dry Potatoes
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly
  • Canned Tuna & Meat
  • Mac & Cheese, Chili
  • Any non-perishable food is welcome

    Please No Expired Items

Hygiene Items
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Toothpaste
  • Dish Soap

    Please No Travel Sizes

Unfortunately, Friendly Center does not accept clothing or household goods.

Seasonal Needs

Seasonal Needs

Throughout the year, Friendly Center has seasonal needs. These collections have specific drop-off dates and times, with the goal of meeting the needs of the community. Please click a need for more information and dates.

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