The Need in OC

Did You Know?

Children in OC eligible for free & reduced lunch.
The number households in OC that are living in poverty.
Low-income households that face hunger at least once a day in OC.
Orange County is a tourist destination attracting millions of people each year. But if you lift the facade, the need within Orange County is astounding and hard to imagine. Due to the high cost of living in Orange County, many families are pushed into a life of poverty. A person or family can experience poverty when their income and support is decreased due to a specific change – job loss, unforeseen medical bills, divorce, or accident. Anyone who has ever loved a child would never want to imagine them living in poverty, but that’s the reality of countless children at this moment, growing up in difficult situations.
15.2% of Orange County children are living in poverty.

Generational Poverty

People caught in the cycle of generational poverty are focused on surviving and the issue or challenge facing them today. It may be money for food, finding a place to live, dealing with a family member’s needs, or unresolved health problems. This is a daily experience; each day presenting itself with another issue, another challenge. The concept of planning doesn’t exist, in part because planning is tied to the belief that you have some control of your life. Thus this way of living gets passed on from generation to generation.
The best way to break the cycle is by preventing it in the next generation. By providing children and young people a stable home environment and educational support, you are providing them the tools to succeed. When they can succeed, they can plan a better life for themselves and their families. Food, hygiene items, and emergency assistance, supports a family’s immediate needs, while education plays a role in the long-term solution.

Family in poverty.

Child grows up in poverty.

Behind in education & skills.

Struggles to get a job.

Fails to escape cycle of poverty.
The estimated number of kids in OC who are homeless or reside in unstable housing situations such as in motel rooms.

Effects of Poverty on Learning

Children in poverty have higher absenteeism or leave school all together due to likelihood of having to work or care for family members.
Less than 30% of students from low-income families enroll in a 4 year school. Among that group – less than 50% graduate.
By the end of the 4th grade, low-income students are already two years behind grade level when compared to their peers.

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