Program – Mental Health

Program – Mental Health

Program: Mental Health

Family Support

Lack of insurance coverage, high costs, and stigma around getting help are just a few of the hurdles many people face to receiving adequate mental health support. This lack of access comes at a great price – according to the most recent Conditions of Children in Orange County report, hospitalization rates due to serious mental illness among youth has increased by 76% since 2009. Although mental health challenges can affect anyone at any time, data shows they disproportionately plague low-income populations and underserved communities. To help meet the need and prevent adverse outcomes for low-income families in Orange County, Friendly Center provides free mental health counseling for both families and individuals of all ages. Offered in conjunction with Friendly Center’s other supportive programs, mental health counseling is an important part of our wraparound approach, which helps meet various areas of need and guide families to safety and stability.

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