Volunteer Spotlight: Top Volunteers of 2019

Volunteer Spotlight: Top Volunteers of 2019

April is Volunteer Appreciation Month! In 2019, 519 dedicated volunteers gave back to their community through Friendly Center’s weekly food distributions, after-school tutoring, and our special events. Thank you to all of these volunteers, who allow us to provide stability, opportunity, and hope to children and families in poverty.

And a special thank you to those listed below, who went the extra mile in the area they volunteer:

Austen Bhayani, Terrific Volunteer Tutor
Austin is a dedicated tutor in our after-school program. He volunteers twice a week and has built a strong rapport with staff and students. “I have really enjoyed being part of the tutor team and getting to know all the students,” says Austin. “I hope the work I’m doing is helping the students as much as it is helping me stay energized throughout my weeks.”

Katrina Au, Superb Street Fair Volunteer
Last Summer, Katrina took time out of her weekend to volunteer at our annual Orange International Street Fair fundraiser. She volunteered two shifts in a row on the cash register. During her shift, the cash register overheated due to the summer heat. Katrina continued to work through the long line of customers with a speedy and calm composure while continuing to provide friendly service to customers.

Daniel Harmon, Best Behind the Scenes Volunteer
Daniel is always willing to lend a helping hand. Early 2019, Daniel volunteered his weekend to paint the Friendly Center conference room. During the summer, he volunteered at our annual Street Fair Fundraiser in the Food Booth. More recently, Daniel volunteered to pick up food donations from local markets during the Holiday Season. Daniel is a pastor at Orange Community of Christ Church which is an Ally Partner to Friendly Center. “Friendly Center is one of the most meaningful partnerships we have in the community,” says Daniel. “We (Orange Community of Christ) support, appreciate and cherish the many diverse programs Friendly Center has to offer to our parishioners and the community.”

Garden Grove Navy Recruiting Station, Outstanding Group Volunteers
In January 2020, the Garden Grove Navy Recruiting Station celebrated two years of volunteering with Friendly Center. Each week, Friendly Center’s Stanton food program distributes over 3,000 pounds of food and serves 218 food-insecure families. This is possible because of the dedication and service of volunteers, like the Navy Recruiting Station, who prepare food donations for the distribution and hand each item of food to clients. Both clients and other volunteers are always happy to see the Navy Recruiting Station volunteers at our programs. Their service both in the Armed Forces and in the community is greatly appreciated and inspiring to all who participate in the program.

100+ Hours of Volunteering Club 2019
Paul Baker, Food Driver – 166 hours
Phyllis Neal, After-School Tutor – 157 hours
Stalky Lehman, Food Driver – 135 hours
Andy Narang, Food Program Volunteer – 120 hours
Mercedes Ruelas, Food Program Volunteer – 114 hours
Miguelito Ponce, Food Program Volunteer – 101 hours

To learn more about volunteering at Friendly Center visit our Volunteer page or email volunteer@friendlycenter.org

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