COVID-19 Update From Friendly Center

The families who seek help at Friendly Center are among the most vulnerable in our community. At this time, we are committed to continuing to provide support to those families in a way that is safe for everyone.

Friendly Center programs and services are designed to support these populations and must continue, making your continued support critical.
What we are doing, right now, for families in need:

  • Answering each phone call coming into all Friendly Center locations, remotely.
  • Serving all counseling and case management clients via phone, video conferencing, and email.
  • Reaching out to the families of students enrolled in our tutoring program to ensure their children are receiving the help they need with schoolwork.
  • Working with collaborative partners to ensure the many families calling for food assistance are connected to a distribution that’s right for them.
  • Preparing to serve the ongoing food, employment, and emergency needs that local families in poverty will face in the coming months.

Public Events That Are Canceled
The following previously scheduled events will be canceled:

  • Easter Basket Collection – April 2nd: If you have already collected baskets, we ask that you contact us the week of March 30th to possibly schedule an appointment to drop-off. If you have not collected baskets already, we discourage you from doing so.
  • Easter Basket Distributions – April 4th, April 10th
  • Health Fairs – March 24th, April 10th

Events and Programs That Are Postponed

  • Friends of Friendly Center Gathering – March 27th
  • All in-person Family Support Services, with the exception of food assistance
  • Any donation drop-offs will not be accepted until further notice

If You Need Help
Our phone lines are open. Call (714) 771-5300 for information, support, and resources.

How You Can Support Families in Need
Donate today to keep local families safe, stable, and secure during this crisis. Your support sustains Friendly Center programs that continue to give both short and long-term relief to Orange County’s most vulnerable families.

We Will Stay In Touch
This is a rapidly evolving crisis, and as the situation changes, so will our plans. We will remain vigilant, with the goal of operating Friendly Center safely, and supporting our team and our families. We will continue to keep you informed, and we wish you and your loved ones good health.

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